Miraj the chronometers blaster

Wing span 2.48 m Length 1.25 m Wing area 42 sq dm Weight 1600 g
to 2300g
Wing loading 38 to 55 g/sq.dm

Winners of several F3F contests,
world recordman of F3F speed (30.8 seconds / 10 bases) during one year

Photo : Luc Saint-Martin

October 1999 : The first flight of the Miraj. Hands are weet, but the flight was succesfull !


Elevons - Central flap - Elevator - Rudder <=> 5 servos needed

Components description

The wing of Miraj is made with high density polystyren cores covered with fibreglass and carbon. The surface tissue is a 160gr fibreglass (45° layed to resist torsional stress), with clothes of UD carbon 80gr (to resist bending stress). It weights 800 to 850g out of mould. It's a 3 pieces wing. The wing joiner tubes, the servos location and the wires passages are already done.

2 variants are available for the wing :
a) standard wing, with MG06 profile.
b) MIRAJ 30.8 = the wing section of the world record. This wing is dedicated to experienced F3F, F3B pilots able to gain all benefits of this high speed wind (especially with strong winds).

The fuselage weights about 280 g. It is tough and the the ballast tank is already fixed in the fuselage : it can contain until 700 g of lead. The stab joiners are already fasten too. The servos plate and 5 ball joint are also supplied.

The stab weights about 70g out of mould ; it is done with a 100gr fibreglass 45° and a cloth of UD carbon 80gr. The excedent resin is sucked up, before closing the mould, to optimise the weight/rigidity. The tubes joiner are incled during the molding and the flaps already cut.

The basic kit : 3 piece wing with joiners, fuselage with ballast tube pasted and stab joiners put in place, cone nose, 2 piece V-stab, 5 ball joints, servos plate.

The luxury version : all control surfaces are finished (micro-ballon sealing lips, silicone hinges...), tail joiner are reinforced, v-tail control horns are fixed and the v-angle is done + all control accessories are provided

Option DS

MIRAJ 30.8 DS = dedicated to Dynamic Soaring ;
the wing, fuse and stab are reinforced with layers of carbon tissu ; wing joiner 10 mm diameter (and not 8mm).

Miraj decoration

The Miraj is bicoloured : a yellow or white base and another colour to choice.
The colours avalaibles are : orange, red, pink, green, light blue, dark blue, milka (light purple), dark purple.

Top wing of Prodij (on the left) and Miraj (on the right)

Under wing of Prodij (on the left) and Miraj (on the right)

Aeromod advices

I use Hitech HS85 BB servos for the stab and the ailerons and one Hitech HS 605 Power (5.5 Kg) servo for the central flap.