ARKANJ : The pure performance

Wing span 2.84 m Length 1.40 m Wing area 55 sq dm Weight 2000 g
(to 3000g with ballast)
Wing loading 36 to 54 g/

Right from its first year,
ARKANJ's results are very impressive :

- 1st of the French Cup F3F 2003
- 1st of the international contest 2004 of La Muella
- 1st of the French Cup F3F 2004
- 2nd best F3F French time : 32,99 s
(best time held by the Miraj
in 2002 : 30,80 s)

The Arkanj is a 100% carbon glider designed for F3F competitions. It is the result of five years of work, lot of F3F (and F3B) contests and the help of other competitors.


Elevons - Central flap - Elevator - Rudder <=> 5 servos needed

Components description

The ARKANJ LUXE is supplied ready to received the RC devices. The wing, the fuselage and the tail are finished (micro-ballon sealing lips and silicone hinge) and all accessories are supplied too (wing fastening screws, pushrods, quick links, ball joints...)

The ARKANJ ECO : 3 piece wing (flaps not fixed and without sealing lips), 2 piece V-stab ( flaps not fixed), cone nose, fuselage nose, fuselage beam, wing joiners. In this case, only these following tasks are already done : wing fastening inserts and winch hook insert fixed - tail's joiners fixed - ballast tank fixed - servos wells pre-routed - ailerons and flap pre-cut. The internal nose is not fasten with the fuselage. The pushrods and the control accessories are not supplied.

Arkanj luxe

the wing

The wing is made in a mould with high density polystyren cores covered with carbon fibre. The wing weights about 1100 grammes. The sheath joiner are fixed during the moulding. The ailerons and the flap are articulated with silicone, and there is an micro ballons epoxy sealing lips on the lower surface.

The ailerons' servos are fixed in the central section of the wing.

the fuselage

As the Miraj, the Arkanj use a pylon fuselage. It weights about 270gr.
The servos' location are already done in the fuselage : 2 hitech HS85 for the tail and one standard servos for the flap.

The 1000g ballast tank is glued during the moulding. The ballast tubes are supplied too,
but you must fill them yourself with lead.
The tail's joiners are already fixed, and they is NO incidence's adjustments to do.
In order to reach an optimal weight/rigidness ratio, the fuselage is 100% carbon.
WARNING : to avoid interferences, the antenna must be at least 50cm longer than the fuselage.

The ballast tank is ready to use, and the M4 winch hook insert is already fasten.

2 OPTIONS for the wing fastening inserts :
- M6 size for plastic screws;
- M4 size for steel screws.

the tail

The tail is made with the same process as the wing. It weights about 90g.
It is supplied completely finished.


The Arkanj is bicoloured : a yellow base and another colour to choice.

These 3 Arkanj are : Green, Milka (light Purple) and Pink.
The other avalaible colors are : Orange, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Dark Purple.

Upper-surface - - - lower-surface

Pictures from Pierre Rondel (